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So many sites!

There are so many sites around, but sometimes they can help to meet new people or business opportunities. I actually just joined BookmeDirect in which there is quite an amount of models, actors etc. Might be good now we see.

Love for Pin Up Photography!

Well this summer had the opportunity to work again with Sarah Queen Vamp, but this time it was different since we decided to go for the beach summer pin up look! Here I am adding some pics for you to see.... more photos on

Sad moment

Today a person whom I considered a friend, although we knew each other mostly through work and common friends passed away. This made me think a lot on issues which loved ones have always stressed to me, but which I have never took much into consideration - basically that I should live my life more, stop worrying and explore what I love mostly! My prayers are for you and for your family - its the least that I can offer.

FIRE - Album Cover Photography

Wow - just got to know that the album cover I worked on for FIRE a local Maltese rock band is being rated First on sooo cool!! Thrill Me - Album Cover Photography by Wil Camilleri

Another day, Another week!

So its another day and another week and back to work, but actually looking forward to the weekend since I will (for a change) be spending this in total relaxation with my girlfriend! Still quite some things to plan as have two interesting shoots in the pipe line and also eagerly awaiting a local publication which will have one of my photos I took recently - so I will keep you posted!

Finally updated my site! Phewww!

Wow! Finally I found the time to update ! There are more photos to come but they are still awaiting publishing or more work :) Hope you like whats on at the moment!

Bit behind :(

Unfortunately work and this hectic life makes it a bit difficult to keep things 100% updated and this I had forgotten completely! So this weekend I will update my site and then update here with more photos for you to see and maybe comment! Cya! Wil