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Street photos during Partial Lockdown in Malta

I decided to go out for a brisk walk and take my small Lumix Gx9 along with me.
I wasn’t very sure what I was going to shoot since I am very familiar with the route and thus I decided that I try to look around (& up) and notice interesting subjects to shoot.
Actually it was a great experience and coupling it with the Covid19 ideology of lock-down, solitude etc. actually worked out for some of the images. 
Below are a choice of the photos taken:

More home made photos - in partial lock down

Here I tried to do some splash photography. I took some pointers from a YouTube video by 
Curtis Padley (if you want to see this video which features other cool home made photo techniques click here

This was very simple indeed and all you need is: 

- A Wine Glass
- An Orange or a Lemon (or other fruit which tickles your fancy, but which fits in a wine glass!) 
- Water 
- A Dark Colour Backdrop

The best way I found is to set up the camera on a tripod and focus directly on the glass and then switch the focus to manual focus to lock it. Then just let the fruit fall in the wine glass (try to aim not like my first attempts) and snap away. 

Obviously after you need to tweak a bit in Photoshop or Lightroom to get the colour balance and the contrast of the background. 

The result was as follows 

Lock down photos? Here we go!

I am not the patient type and I find it quite difficult to work with inanimate objects, but I thought of giving it a go and try to get some cool photos out of this period when, like everyone, I am stuck at home! 
So basically the experiments were mainly long exposure on a record player quite early in the morning.....
& water, oil & ink macro trials.
What have you been doing in lock down? Photography wise or otherwise 😏