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New Shoot on z beach!

Lately did a new shoot with Xantel a really nice Maltese model and the result speaks for itself! Presently I am working on more stuff which I hopefully be sharing soon! So keep checkin this site! For more photos from this shoot Click Here!! 

Malta Fashion week & Diet Coke Malta Fashion Awards..... What a week & what a Night!!

Yes - the Malta Fashion week & Diet Coke Malta Fashion Awards are over and what a week it was! Full of work, fun, play & more work but ultimately every second of it was worth! Now it's time to start working again for the next, thinking what we can do better, how we can improve and get our work to the next level. It's the challenge we all in the industry accept without signing any contracts or making any deals - its just something we do with ourselves. Next year seems like a long way, but I am sure it will come so fast none of us will have the time to blink - so the starting line is here - ready.....steady.....GO! 

Some photos from 2010

I thought of uploading some photos from my 2010 portfolio and decided to do this short and sweet in a 30 sec video :) for the rest visit my website please.....


Oh yes - I guess I should have said this before, but I am the type to forget to include certain things in my blog about me!! Well I was nominated for the Fashion Photographer Award at the Diet Coke Malta Fashion Awards happening on the 21st May 2011 at the MFCC in Ta Qali Malta. Well actually it's a strange feeling to be completely honest. Part feels great as it is a total honour to be with the other photographers in such a prestigious event, on the other hand it feels like a bit of responsibility for me since I am the kind I love experimenting in my photography and thus do not want to have to keep a style just so that I am still in line with others - but anyway I guess thats just up to me :) So for now I be just happy and simply look forward to have a great evening out with my fellow photographers  Maybe see you there!!

CD Sleeve Photos & Design for Rhiannon

Lately I was trusted with a photo shoot and CD sleeve production for Rhiannon an upcoming Maltese singer, for her single CD "My heart still feels the same" It was a great pleasure with this girl, which I feel that with hard work and ambition can make it in the tough world of the signing arts! Looking forward to hear more from her soon! For more photos from this shoot Click Here