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Bunnies Day out! Venere Easter special shoot!

Here they are - the Easter Bunnies on their fun day out to San Anton Gardens with Venere team ! Was a fun shoot - hope you enjoy the photos! For more photos CLICK HERE  

And the Bunnies are out!!

Who let the Bunnies out? Well it's Easter time so at Venere it was time to make something fun with that Bunny feelin'! Watch the program next Sunday on TVM at 1915hrs and wish you a Happy Easter in advance! Oh we want to add that no animals were hurt during this shoot - but the same cannot be said for the photographer!!

Malta Fashion Week and The Diet Coke Fashion Awards coming soon!

Yes  Malta Fashion Week and The Diet Coke Fashion Awards are underway and today we had the press conference for the launch of the whole campaign at The Point in Tigne! There are a lot of different events going on and very interesting evenings indeed - for me as a photographer the eve of the 17th May will be one of the highlights as I will have some of my images displayed in a fashion exhibition there! Then on the 21st all reaches a hype with the Diet Coke Malta Fashion Awards - great anticipation to see who are this year's winners!

Venere Special Edition - Holy Week

Actually I was amazed with the feedback after Venere was aired yesterday! I received calls, sms messages & facebook comments showing a great deal of appreciation to these images. It surprised me that so much interest was generated from this program - honestly it wasn't an easy one to do for me and for the whole team, but seeing this its all worthwhile! Thanks to all the great team! Here are some of the images and you can see the whole set on my Flick page here .

Photo editing - the dilemma

Don't you find yourselves facing a dilemma what kind of editing you will do to an image? I know I do! Although the approach and the style is usually already set in mind during time of shooting, still the question of how much editing a photo needs can arise. I personally try to do just the essential and address the immediate needs of a photo - but what do you do when you want to make something more artistic? I think the artist should do as he feels and just go for it - although here I should say "without overdoing it!" - since sometimes there are some photos in which you cannot see the photo anymore among all the editing! Also one pretty common problem is that you get stuck with a style. It happens to everyone I guess ( or else I just hope) cause surely it happens to me. Well try to vary styles and try out new techniques - read blogs and tutorials and simply take bits and pieces of ideas and apply them to your images and see how they work out - well the sky is the limi

Good Friday - with Venere

Yes so the first shoot for Venere had to be different than usual! We decided to do this with a Good Friday theme - Watch it next Sunday! Will upload the finished photos after the program on Sunday! Hope you like!!

New work coming soon - this week actually :)

After my trip to India and shall I say the thousands of photos I have yet to sort through, I have done some new work with the venere team and have some other new projects in the pipeline. The latest two shoots were actually quite interesting and challenging and will be showing the results as soon as the tv programmes are aired else surely I would be shot by the producers ;) Also yesterday I had another shoot with Venere - 8 models - so quite a challenge but fun! So very soon will update the blog with some drag pics and hopefully first will publish some of the fantastic india too!