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Updated advert for next Sunday's Venere prog :)

The next Venere is..... Halloween!

Honestly it's a must see! Won't say anything about it now but it wasn't easy AT ALL!!! Check out the teaser :)

Venere Photoshoot 1 - Scrap Yard

So for my first Venere program of this schedule I shot in a scrap yard. Honestly was my first time and was a bit sceptic about it but hey.... after some probs (with flying flashes etc) all went well and this thanks to a great team hope you like and if you would like to see more photos of this shoot click here! 

night & day

So Sunday at around 2am the angels seemed to be having a massive flirting session in the skies - sparks were flying everywhere! so I thought of capturing a quick shot of that! Now got to prepare for a shoot at Hugos and then watch Venere prog with me in the scrap yard edition -  trailer is here :) 

Experimenting with Holga

Well this was one of my first experiments with Holga in Venice - I took sometime to get the film developed and printed but now I am hooked and would love to do more so keep lookin! :)