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Post Contest shoot - Ms.Globe Malta

Finally found some time early in the morning after being woken up by a lone crazy alarm system of Mr.Neighbour! So I thought I'd use the time to finally upload the photo set taken for the post contest shoot of Ms.Globe Malta. Actually this shoot was a great experience and I would like to thank James & Wayne ( Fashion Productions ) who organised the event, Daphne, who as usual was assisting me during the shoot and obviously Katrina Pavia, the winner of Ms.Globe Malta, a very professional, down to earth model with whom I really enjoyed working and look forward to work again with. Hope you like the photos, if you do click here for more :)

looking beyond the viewfinder

Today actually was a very strange & sad day for me and I guess for a lot of photographers in Malta & Gozo. A fellow photographer lost his life whilst doing his job, not only a job but a passion in a tragic accident. Unfortunately I didn't know the man personally, just by sight and obviously through work, but it doesn't matter since as I said before he was a member of our Art, thus with all the differences all artists might have I guess we all feel an emptiness, shock and sadness for the loss. Also this tragic accident made me think a lot about us, photographers. We are so passionate for our work, we strive to get that perfect frame and we go to lengths to make it happen, unfortunately sometimes we fail to see the hidden dangers of our job, which seems to carry none! I do not want to be misunderstood here! All I would like to do is put forward a thought to fellow photographers, its great to get amazing shots and a lot of you do, but keep always alert since danger can b


Just finished editing - well stopped actually so as to continue in the morning but I see the photos are coming great! Looking forward to post and get your opinions!

One day out.....

Well what a week and what a weekend! Yesterday had a morning shoot with a great team at riviera. I went through the photos today and have set the first choice but need to fine tune that again then the fun starts! This week doesn't hold a lit of photography, just some product pics (which I love doing as you need a lot of care and attention to detail) and then editing - but mostly have to start work on a project which I have been postponing for quite sometime now. Surely will be writing about it in the coming weeks ;)

Ms.World Malta 2010 show booklet shoot

Way back in April 2010 I was asked by Sue Rossi of Modelle International to photograph Ms. World Malta 2009 Shanel Debattista for the 2010 event booklet and tickets. For me this was a great honour, but also quite a responsibility so I felt the approach should be simple yet striking so as to try to achieve a fashion cover magazine look - whilst also being neath and clean. Click on the image to view more images from this shoot! Hope you like.....Comments appreciated :)

Explicit new Single Daydreaming CD Sleeve - Photos & Design

So here they are, the Photos & Design for the new Explicit single sleeve - Daydreaming! You can check out the song at   Tell me what you think :) 

So here are some of the photos from The Code Online Mag!

So here are two of them - you can view some more on my Flickr Page when you click on the images. Also do not forget to visit The Code Online Magazine !  Unfortunately the first image below had to be cropped since in a lot of psychos unfortunately exist in the world and on this blessed island!! Hope you like the photos :)

Photo of Sarah on The Code Oline Magazine out now!

Hey! The photo session done for The Code magazine is finally out - well one photo of Sarah Agius was publish - you can see it and read the story HERE!! I will upload more photos of the shoot soon :)


Ok its a bit of panic time! Need to find a venue and a theme for the Miss Globe Malta shoot for this week! Have a clue but just to confirm people is hell!!

Puxxy :)

Whilst waiting to start a portrait shoot, this cute cat came around posing and inviting me to take a pic - well I had to no!? :)

Ooh La La! outlet photos

So! Here are some of the images I shot for the interiors and advertising use of  Ooh La La! a new fashion & hair salon outlet at Bay Street in Malta. Was quite a challenge, but ultimately managed to capture the "dream" of the clients, David & Alex (Cut Coiffeur) & Shanel Debattista! Hope you like :)

Another day gone by - need to get the next shoots organised!

Yes, sitting here after finishing some design work it dawns on me that I should get the new shoots set and organised. I don't want them to be easy as I want to do something way different than usual. Well let's see if I manage to get everything sorted ;)

Bizy week ahead

Was a busy weekend - but with some rest too and now looking forward to a busy week yet again - but that is life i guess! Yesterday was invited to a local fashion contest in Malta organised by two friends of mine James and Wayne of Fashion Productions . Was a great show to watch and met a lot of friends who attended. I will be doing a shoot with one of the winners of the contest - looking forward to that actually since I would like to really think outside the box for this one :) 

Another day another thought :)

Although its Sunday I woke up and had to continue some work.....but at the back of my mind I have a photoshoot idea which I wanna do with a friend of mine in the coming weeks. Have some props to finalise to get it going!! Hope all falls down in place :)

Back after a long time!!

Well I haven't blogged here for a long time now! But I am Back and here are some of the shoots I have been up to in the months that passed! Hope you like and feel free to comment!!