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Summer 2018 Bikini Photo Shoot

I was actually looking for something to get back to Model photography and although my aims are not so much on commercial shoot aspect, I liked the challenge of this photo shoot. Working with Katrina Pavia is great. She is very professional and delivers, whilst also is very self aware and knows what works and what doesn't - which in my opinion is great to have in a model. Here are some photos from this year's Calzedonia Malta Summer 2018 beachwear and bikini shoot - let me know if you like in the comments below!

The Aristocrats Band in Malta - again - and it was fantastic!!

Yes the Aristocrats Band were in Malta again on Sunday 9th September 2018, thanks to PS:Music , which is currently getting over amazing names of talented and legendary artists like, the Aristocrats themselves, with the likes of  Guthrie Govan , Bryan Beller , and Marco Minnemann , the guitar master himself,  Steve Vai , who was in Malta in March 2018 with a memorable Masterclass, Plini and much more!!.   Here are some photos from the gig!   Guthrie Govan Marco Minnemann Bryan Beller, Next in line is Tony MacApline on October 15th at 8pm Teatru Salesjan in Sliema Malta . Looking forward to some snaps there also :)