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Gin Mare Mini bottle shoot

In this shoot , I wanted to introducing a product in splash photography and I chose to go with a cute Gin Mare MINI Bottle. I am including the setup I used below,In which I used 2 speed lights one of which was with a mini soft box to create the foreground light.  Adding splashes is easy, but it doesn’t obey any rules, so you need to try, try & try. Photoshop helps a lot in blending images together to get a more balanced look of the product and the splashes created and this was the post technique I used in this case.  Gin Mare Mini Photo - Wil Camilleri The Setup used

A bit of Splash Photography

I started experimenting with Splash photography, using water droplets, using flash (in this case speed-lights) to capture the freeze moment. The set up, as shown below, is relatively easy. Although I managed to get some decent images out of it, I want to explore better ways of doing this to maximize the instances of getting the “perfect splash”. Work in Photoshop for this was quite minimal and involved mainly removing stray drops and retouching the ‘horizon’ so its fully level - the rest was all coming directly from the camera. An this is the image achieved. Splash Photo Setup

In the 'woods'

Earlier this month I did a mini photo shoot with a friend of mine. The motivations were mainly testing some new gear and also get away from the creative 'boredom' brought by partial lock down due to Corona Virus.  So here it is, some simple woodland style shots, shot with a Canon 5D MrkII, with external flash in a soft box.  Look forward to your comments and suggestions below!  

All you need is a Jack!

In these times of being stuck at home and needing to be a bit creative, even making yourself a quick drink can become a source of inspiration. That's what I tried to do here and before indulging in the art of slowly savoring a glass of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey , I took a couple of shots to capture the pouring of this fabulous liquid. For the Whisky purists, yes I do like and appreciate Scotch, but I also enjoy other takes on the spirit, even the so called "commercial" ones - but this is all about the photos and I hope you like one I have for you today!  Pouring a glass of Jack Daniel's Whiskey