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The Fruity Fetish Folder

Being limited with access to models, I resorted to think of some alternative & fun photography ideas using various objects - one of which was : Fruit.  I played around with a cheeky approach to Fetish Photography, which was not entirely easy when you have only a couple of fruits as models, but the results where the following :  Chained Apple : A cheeky play with BDSM, chains & fetish ideas, whilst using water as the dynamic medium to created movement in the photograph. Photograph available on Picfair for licensed use & Red Bubble for framed prints and other various merchandise. Rubbered Apple  : Rubber fetish play with a Green apple and rubber gloves, creating a dark & surreal background for the inconspicuous fruit.   Photograph available on  Picfair  for licensed use &  Red Bubble  for framed prints and other various merchandise. Banana Shower  : Not entirely a 'Fetish' shot, but an inspiration from the extremely sexy & sensual Flashdance Movie , Sho

The Old that will be no more.

Rabat , in Malta, is my birthplace and it does hold a special place in my heart. It's old, very old and it is the town just outside the old capital city of Mdina - that is from where the name "Rabat" (from Arabic to tie) is actually derived.  Unfortunately, Rabat, like any other town, village and city in Malta, is being systematically 'destroyed' for the sake of 'progress'. Old iconic and artistic buildings are destroyed daily to make way for heartless, unimpressive boxes to cram in as many people as possible. The few buildings which escape this onslaught are turned into bed & breakfast or 'boutique' hotels - well as always 'money is king'!! Greed is seriously hindering us Maltese from realizing, that our past, which includes these old roads, old buildings and other items the 'modern' Maltese sees as unpractical and passé, are actually the things tourist come for and we are simply cutting the hand that actually feeds us.   Still