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New Storm calls for Time Lapse trial!

So a storm was brewing today and I decided to give a try with the Go Pro for some time lapse action. And here it is - nothing refined just a fascinating view of the moving clouds which I must say is quite impressive indeed!

Big Band Brothers - Rocking the One Night Stand!

Here is just a taste of what was going on yesterday evening at the Manoel theatre in Valletta ...... The Big Band Brothers simply rocked the place and there is another performance to go, this evening at 20:00hrs at the Manoel Theatre in Valletta ! Do not miss it!! More photos coming soon!!!! :)

Venere 2013

Yep Venere is back for 2013 and the production team, the photographers, models, makeup artists and all have started work on this year's photo shoots. This year we are tackling blockbuster movies - our way - at least I will do it my way :)...... take a look at the clip Join the Venere Facebook page to be updated with all news & 'gossip' about this year's series! 

Reflex 80's Parties - the posters in the last 3 years

I was going through some files and I saw all the past posters I was entrusted to do by DJ Alex Grech for Reflex 80's Parties in the last 3 years....... and here they are :) 2009 2010 2011 2012  and more to come!!