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Levitation Photography - mmmm interesting

So I tried to do some “levitation” photography with a Broken mug. The concept is very easy but it's quite lengthy and requires a bit of patience to get the things done correctly.  At first my approach was to be as ‘realistic’ as possible, but then I resorted to aim towards a more surrealistic final image, just to add a bit of fun into it.  The setup, was quite simple indeed (2 light stands with a mid support to tie the mug parts) and I used 2 X Speedlight flashes for the background lighting and front highlights. The difficult part comes when ‘hanging’ the pieces of porcelain and here Live View in Capture One really helps, since you can actually see all the composition and arrange stuff as you go along.  Here is the final image:  The Coffee Pour - Wil Camilleri

A bit of Light Painting Photography

Some of my Light Painting Photo experiments.... Light Painting Whisky Glass Light Painting Book Alessi Characters - Light Painting Alessi Characters - Light Painting 2