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Projection Photography Experiments

 So, I thought of trying out some projection photography. Since this was a trial I opted to use a rather docile model, quite and very obedient - basically a mannequin 😊 Also I managed to borrow a projector since a good projector, is not something you buy cheaply and obviously wanted to avoid having to purchase one for just a trial - eventually I will get one since now I have other cool ideas for this style which I would love to try out.  I settled on 3 main trial themes illustrated below - let me know what you think in the comments .  Social Head F*** : Depiction of the fast life we are pushed into by social media.  Head Lines : An abstract rendition of our obsession to chasing news headlines or avoiding them for some! Migraine : Abstraction of the burning sensation brought by constant pressure. View these images and more on my PicFair Store