Photo editing - the dilemma

Don't you find yourselves facing a dilemma what kind of editing you will do to an image? I know I do! Although the approach and the style is usually already set in mind during time of shooting, still the question of how much editing a photo needs can arise.

I personally try to do just the essential and address the immediate needs of a photo - but what do you do when you want to make something more artistic? I think the artist should do as he feels and just go for it - although here I should say "without overdoing it!" - since sometimes there are some photos in which you cannot see the photo anymore among all the editing!

Also one pretty common problem is that you get stuck with a style. It happens to everyone I guess ( or else I just hope) cause surely it happens to me. Well try to vary styles and try out new techniques - read blogs and tutorials and simply take bits and pieces of ideas and apply them to your images and see how they work out - well the sky is the limit.

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